kthread spins: glowing

Nairobi National Park last week, new gig and people in my life this week, a new apt – an oceanic shift in kthread things, spinning through this warm season…playlist below, and more podcasts over here.


“Glow” – Amy Ray
“Afria Talks to You” – Delicate Steve
“Get Away With It” – Animal Kingdom
“Coffee” – Misun
“Mouves” – Tropics (Pedestrian remix)
“You Need Me On My Own” – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
“Even the Blind” – Echo Lake
“I Know What I Know” – Paul Simon cover (Bosco Delrey)
“Secret Lover” – That Work (Party Supplies remix)
“Everyone Knows” – Vacationer
“Move to the Ocean” – Bricks and Morter (Baauer remix)
“Iceland” – Glacier Face
“sweet life” – Frank Ocean
“Wild Light” – Wild Cub
“Gravity” – Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers

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