Graduate Community Design Classes

In Fall 2013, I taught a third iteration of a graduate class at ITP called “13 products in search of an audience” that I created.

Class Tumblr and Twitter. Below, class notes from the semester.

13 products class kthread Week 1 13 products class kthread Week 2 13 products class kthread Week 3 13 products class kthread Week 4 13 products class kthread Week 5 13 products class kthread Week 6 13 products Week 7 13 products Week 8 13 products Week 9 13 products Week 10

13 products ITP

In the fall 2010 and fall 2011 semesters, I taught a graduate class called “Creating Community Environments” at ITP.

Related: The Atlantic “How to build an online community” piece about the class syllabus.





CommunITP kthread teaching

Undergraduate Media Studies Seminars and Research

At the University of Virginia (2003-7), I worked on humanities computing initiatives (XML, DTD): The Whitman Archive, nora Project, and NINES. I was part of the mysterious Spec Lab with Johanna Drucker and Jerry McGann, and if you know why that’s a thing, it’s a thing.

I designed advanced courses in Media Studies (HTML, CSS, PHP, advanced photo editing, digital theory), taught literature surveys, and gave cryptic digital art guest lectures. Costumes, scavenger hunts, and earth sandwiches (for Ze Frank! Remember the year of The Show?) were typical assignments throughout.

We Are Sports Racers

Tech Camp Directing

Directing iDTech camp in summer 2006, I managed a team of instructors, instituted salad contests in the dining hall, and helped hundreds of campers learn how to program in Santa Cruz, California. My camp name was D.P. for the Dread Pirate Roberts!

Banana slugs Salads in the dining hall

I also taught 11th grade English in rural North Carolina, teach food photography in Brooklyn, and mentor good people making their way in online content creation circles.

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